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Set properties for a property



imported from= 
name of an imported property including a namespace prefix. This needs usually the system page MediaWiki:Smw_import_ns-prefix correctly set (see also Help:Import vocabulary, Semantic MediaWiki, property: Imported from)
has type= 
a data type, one value of Annotation URI, Boolean, Code, Date, Email, Geographic coordinates, Number, Page, Quantity, Record, Telephone number, Temperature, Text, URL or special property. See also Special:Types
subproperty of= 
set this property to be a subproperty of “…” (see property:subproperty of)
display units= 
set a display unit e.g.: “mm“, “cm“ or “m“ (see property:display units)
display unit corresponds to= 
conversion into other units than specified by parameter display unit e.g. “1 cm; 0,01 m; 0,032808399 ft” (Help:Special property Corresponds to, property:corresponds to)
instead use property= 
mark this property as deprecated and to use another property instead. Input is: “new-property” or “new-property, explanation”
annotations, notes or a definition
allows value= 
allow only specified values (see property:allows value).
Possible individual values:“ 0; 1; 2; 3”
With label: “0=unknown; 1; 2; 3”
With definition: “0=unknown!!longer definition separated by double exclamation mark; 1; 2; 3”

Technical Dependencies