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Taxonomic position
Category Fagus sylvatica not found

Produces a floating box on the right side of the page with the higher taxonomic categories in the category tree. It furthermore provides links to Wikipedia or other sources. Normally used for the pages on pests, diseases and weeds. Call as:

{{Taxinfo|<name of the next higher taxonomic unit>}}
e.g. {{Taxinfo|Fagus sylvatica}}
results in (see right side):

You can use the same taxonomic unit as for the "category" assignment at the bottom of the page. In case this template is used on a category page, the following standard format can be used, automatically defaulting to {{PAGENAME}} for the present taxonomic unit:


If the page is a category, it will also attempt to add the higher category by means of


See also template: Category info.

Technical Documentation


 * Hide Category:Taxon Category
 * Display only the taxa and hide Category:Taxon Category and its parents/siblings
 * @requires: Template:Taxinfo CSS class "table.category-taxon-tree"
function hideTaxonCategoryInCategoryTree () {
  if($('table.category-taxon-tree').length) {
    $('div.CategoryTreeItem').each(function () {
      $(this).css({'display': ( $(this).text().match(/Taxon categor(y|ies)$/) ? 'none' : 'block') }); 
      $(this).siblings('.CategoryTreeChildren').css({'display': ( $(this).text().match(/Taxon categor(y|ies)$/) ? 'none' : 'block') });