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Sets taxon rank data on a page and a language specific category according to the taxon rank. Language specific translations exist for:

  • Deutsch
  • English
  • français
  • italiano


On a page named “Abies”:

{{Taxon rank data | rank code=gen}}
<!-- sets Category:Genus on an English Wiki etc. sets Category:Gattung on an German Wiki etc. -->

… or containing more complete meta data:

{{Taxon rank data
| rank code=gen
| scientific name=''Abies'', Mill.
| common names=@en:fir

… or on a species page with rather complete data

{{Taxon rank data
| rank code=sp
| scientific name=''Abies alba'', Mill.
| scientific name synonmys=''Abies abies'' Rusby; ''Abies argentea'' Chambray; ''Abies baldensis'' (Zuccagni) Zucc. ex Nyman; ''Abies candicans'' Fisch. ex Endl.; ''Abies chlorocarpa'' Purk. ex Nyman; ''Abies duplex'' Hormuz. ex Beissn.; ''Abies excelsa'' Link; ''Abies metensis'' Gordon; ''Abies miniata'' Knight ex Gordon; ''Abies minor'' Gilib.; ''Abies nobilis'' A.Dietr.; ''Abies pardei'' Gaussen; ''Abies pectinata'' (Lam.) Lam. & DC.; ''Abies picea'' (L.) Lindl.; ''Abies rinzii'' K.Koch; ''Abies taxifolia'' Duhamel; ''Abies taxifolia'' Desf.; ''Abies taxifolia'' Raf.; ''Abies tenuirifolia'' Beissn.; ''Abies vulgaris'' Poir.; ''Peuce abies'' Rich.; ''Picea excelsa'' Wender.; ''Picea kukunaria'' Wender.; ''Picea metensis'' Gordon; ''Picea pectinata'' (Lam.) Loudon; ''Picea pyramidalis'' Gordon; ''Picea rinzi'' Gordon; ''Picea tenuifolia'' Beissn.; ''Pinus abies'' Du Roi; ''Pinus baldensis'' Zuccagni; ''Pinus heterophylla'' K.Koch; ''Pinus lucida'' Salisb.; ''Pinus pectinata'' Lam.; ''Pinus picea'' L.;
<!--| hide standard display=yes -->
| common names=@en:Christmastree, @en:European silver fir


Mandatory and optional parameters as follows:

rank code
specification code what kind of rank, e.g. “fam” for family etc. (see rank codes) it sets an appropriate language specific category.
parent taxon = 
the parent taxon in taxonomic hierarchy (sets a category)
scientific name = 
the complete scientific name, if not given {{PAGENAME}} is used
scientific name synonyms = 
(semicolon separated list) the scientific name synonyms (preferably with author). May be wiki formatted.
common names = 
(comma separated list) the common or vernacular name(s) as a comma separated list. If multiple languages are given, please use a language specific prefix: | common names=@de:Weißtanne, @en:European silver fir
display title = 
the page name title can be formatted here, e.g. a page name is “Abies” then it can be formatted display title=''Abies''
show navigation = 
(boolean: 1 or a language equivalent word like “yes” or “oui”). If set show default {{BrowseByAskQueryPreviousNext}}
hide standard display = 
(boolean: 1 or a language equivalent word like “yes” or “oui”). If set show no standard display

Taxon rank codes and their correspondence to abbreviation and description (see The rank code sets a language specific category.
Rank Code Abbreviation Description Implemented?
aggr aggr. species aggregate (= species group, species complex) -
subsp_aggr aggr. subspecific aggregate (= group, complex) -
bv biovar. bio-variety -
cand cand. candidate -
cl cl. class -
convar convar. convar -
cv cult. cultivar -
cvgroup cultivar. group cultivar-group -
dom dom. domain (= empire) -
fsp f. sp. special form -
fam fam. family yes
fm fm. form -
gen gen. genus yes
graftchimaera graft-chimaera graft-chimaera -
infracl infracl. infraclass -
infrafam infrafam. infrafamily -
infragen infragen. infragenus -
infraord infraord. infraorder -
infraphyl_div infraphyl./div. infraphylum (= infradivision) -
infrareg infrareg. infrakingdom -
infrasp infrasp. infraspecies -
infratrib infratrib. infratribe -
ord ord. order -
pv pathovar. patho-variety -
phyl_div phyl./div. phylum (= division) -
reg reg. kingdom -
sect sect. section -
ser ser. series -
sp sp. species yes
ssp ssp. subspecies -
subcl subcl. subclass -
subfam subfam. subfamily yes
subfm subfm. subform -
subgen subgen. subgenus -
subord subord. suborder -
subphyl_div subphyl./div. subphylum (= subdivision) -
subreg subreg. subkingdom -
subsect subsect. subsection -
subser subser. subseries -
subsubfm subsubfm. subsubform -
subsubvar subsubvar. sub-sub-variety -
subtrib subtrib. subtribe -
subvar subvar. sub-variety -
supercl supercl. superclass -
superfam superfam. superfamily -
superord superord. superorder -
superphyl_div superphyl./div. superphylum (= superdivision) -
superreg superreg. super kingdom -
supertrib supertrib. supertribe -
any_infragen tax. infragen. infrageneric tax. of undefined rank -
any_infrasp tax. infrasp. infraspecific tax. of undefined rank -
any_supragen tax. supragen. suprageneric tax. of undefined rank -
trib trib. tribe -
any_rank unknown tax. of unknown or undefined rank -
var var. variety -

Technical dependencies