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This template sets up a taxobox, with a choice of over 135 parameters. Although the implementation is complicated, it is relatively simple to use. For an example in practice, look at the edit page of Killer Whale - [1]. Most parameters are optional, so if a particular entry is not relevant for your case, just leave it out.

Before making any non-minor changes to this template, please make a copy of the whole template to the sandbox and do tests with it there. You can check it with the test cases, perhaps adding other test cases to check any features you are adding. This will avoid unnecessary load on the servers and prevent a large number of pages being screwed up.


| name =
| image =
| image_width =
| image_alt =
| image_caption =
| image2 =
| image2_width =
| image2_alt =
| image2_caption =
| regnum = [[Plant]]ae (or...)
| divisio =
| classis =
| ordo    =
| familia =
| genus   =
| species =
| binomial =
| binomial_authority =
| range_map = <!--optional map,
  - also range_map2, 3 or 4 -->
| range_map_width =
| range_map_alt =
| range_map_caption =
| <!--or 115 other parameters-->

The color tag should not be included, as colors are assigned based on the table below.

Animalia #D3D3A4
Archaeplastida #90EE90 (lightgreen)
Fungi #ADD8E6 (lightblue)
Chromalveolata #ADFF2F (greenyellow)
Rhizaria #E6E6FA (lavender)
Excavata #F0E68C (khaki)
Amoebozoa #FFC8A0
Bacteria #D3D3D3
Archaea #F3E0E0
Viruses #EE82EE
incertae sedis #FAF0E6


This template emits a "species" microformat, according to the current draft ("straw man") specification. This is recognised by the Operator extension for Firefox (using an add-in user script) and by Swignition.

Wikipedia editors are invited to comment on or contribute to the development of this microformat, via the above links.

The microformat is created by the use of class="biota", and classes for individual taxonomic ranks, such as class="domain" in a span around {{{domain}}}. Please do not change or remove those classes other than as part of development of the microformat. For background information, see microformats on Wikipedia.

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