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For the purpose of multiple languages among wikis there are two approaches:

  1. one multi-language Wiki using Extension:Translate or
  2. multiple wikis having their own language

Here is a short comparison of both approaches (Pro, dafür, Vorteil means “advantage”, Neutral, gleich means “neutral, but to consider”, Contra, dagegen, Nachteil means “disadvantage”, Fraglich, unklar means “unclear”):

One multi-language wiki Multiple language wikis
  • contents are considered to be equal, nearly identical
  • additions and changes on the source page must be manually re-parsed on Special:PageTranslation to have changes be re-integrated into the translation process
  • it needs administrators/moderators for translation that watch over changes on source pages and the translation process
  • cross reference done by [[Special:MyLanguage/Pagename]]
  • contents are considered to be similar but not necessarily equal
  • cross reference done by, e.g. in a non-German Wiki [[de:Link to German-Wiki page]]
Pro, dafür, Vorteil new languages are easy to add and maintain
Pro, dafür, Vorteil maintenance of translation is easy to use
Pro, dafür, Vorteil easy to manage messages of MediaWiki-namespace (or any message)
Pro, dafür, Vorteil once the original source page is set for translation, there is no limit to any language translation. The translation process is simply done by forms from the extension:translation.
Neutral, gleich templates need to be (re)programmed, adjusted, translated
Neutral, gleich avoid fragmentation of the translation process, i.e. a page must be more or less “reviewed” and be “stable” to be valid for the translation process only with minor changes on the source page
Neutral, gleich SEO: URL is not language specific (but web-page title can be translated, in SEO web page title is also ragerded as importent)
Contra, dagegen, Nachteil a semantic form for a decision tree templates (e.g. form: Key Start) can not really be used afterwards, when the translation process has started
Fraglich, unklar does it work with properties in Semantic MediaWiki? (see talk)
Pro, dafür, Vorteil SEO: URL can be language specific
Neutral, gleich templates need to be (re)programmed, adjusted, translated
Neutral, gleich tend to evolve on their own (not all templates are available in other translations
Contra, dagegen, Nachteil a lot more to configure (database, LocalSettings.php, development of templates among wikis)
Personal Opinions Andreas Plank:
Pro, dafür, Vorteil advantage very suitable for Wikis demanding multiple languages and pages
Pro, dafür, Vorteil advantage is of course that the translation process is easy to undergo, because it is entirely form based and the translator can concentrate on translating and not on worrying about layout issues. The layout must be set correctly on the originating source page of course.
Contra, dagegen, Nachteil disadvantage of course is that the originating page of a decision key can (practically) be edited only in the wiki source text and after adding changes to it, it must be re-integrated anew by the tools of extension:translation
Andreas Plank
Contra, dagegen, Nachteil disadvantage: the translation is not really collaborative, because one has to look out for pages in the other Wikis. I guess in the long run it is more intensive to maintain all the Wikis at once