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Switch for the nested mode within a decision_alternative (corresponds in to $template_Lead: nested, parentlead), for instance for the determination of sub species after a decision alternative. If this is not specified, the standard output is an alphabetical display code with a “–” appended. For instance if the last decision alternative of the Wiki output as “2*” and a sub-species is further described in the key in the nested mode, then the output will be “a, –, –” (first decision alternative) then “b, –” (second decision alternative) then “c, –, –” (third decision alternative) etc.. Other possible layout variants are:$br a-z' results in a, a', a''$br a-z’ results in a, a’, a’’$br a-z* results in a, a*, a**$br A-Z results in A, –, –$br A-Z' results in A, A', A''$br A-Z’ results in A, A’, A’’$br A-Z* results in A, A*, A**$br or$br number results in 1, 1–, 1–, 2, 2–, 2–